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The Irrigated Farming Systems team is involved in several research and extension projects. A summary of these is provided below. If you would like more detail on these projects and results please contact the relevant team member.

Irrigation Benchmarking of Lateral Move and Centre Pivot Systems in the QMDB

This project, funded through the CRDC and Queensland Government, will continue the collection of seasonal water use data from 40 overhead irrigation systems in the St George, Goondiwindi, Dalby and Inglewood/Texas districts during the 2014-15 cropping year. Read more

Optimizing water and energy use in the CQ Irrigation Sector

This CRDC project funded is undertaking a range of research, development and extension activities within the Central Queensland irrigation sector.  These activities include: Read more

Development and adoption of a web-based irrigation management tool for improving water use efficiency of Queensland broad-acre and horticultural crops

This project developed two farmer-friendly, web-based tools to assist farmers and crop consultants make irrigation scheduling (timing and amount of irrigation) (WaterSCHED2) and planning decisions (CropWaterUse) based on historical and real-time weather data. Read more