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Improving irrigated agricultural productivity in the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin

A new Queensland Government initiative is set to improve economic productivity from irrigated agriculture in the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin. The Australian Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development has provided DAF with funding of $2.2 million to run a three year project as part of the Murray-Darling Basin Regional Economic Development Program (MDBREDP), with in-kind support from Queensland Government agencies.

The project will focus on the communities in the Balonne and Border Rivers districts, which have been most impacted by the Murray-Darling Basin Plan. To administer the project, DAF has appointed two staff in Goondiwindi (Dr Simon White- Senior Research Scientist and Mr Grant Cutler-Technical Officer) to work closely with irrigators to:

  • benchmark existing water productivity at a farm and field scale;
  • undertake field trials;
  • produce case studies; and,
  • publicise irrigation efficiency management practices and technologies through workshop and demonstration days.

Another aspect of this project is to perform field validations of the web-based irrigation scheduling tool WaterSCHED on commercial farms.  For more information on WaterSCHED, visit

For more information on the project or to indicate you interest in involvement, please contact Dr Simon White (0475 830 538) or Grant Cutler (0475 830 012).

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