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Free Pressure Gauges for Overhead Irrigators in the QMDB

20151218_End gauge_002A limited number of free end pressure gauges are available for Queensland Murray-Darling Basin (QMDB) irrigators to help them to check the performance of their overhead irrigation systems.

As part of the QMBD Regional Economic Diversification Program (REDP), operators of centre pivot or lateral move irrigation systems are encouraged to complete and submit the form below to register their interest in being sent a free end pressure gauge.  DAF senior irrigation research scientist Dr Simon White said the aim was encourage irrigators to check their machines’ performance, to ensure that it  is operating within its design specifications and to be aware of any maintenance issues.

 “Insufficient end pressure can lead to poor irrigation uniformity and lower profitability, while over pressure can result in inefficient and excessive pumping costs,” Dr White said. “By using a gauge installed on the outermost outlet of the machines, irrigators can check end pressure against the specifications for the machine.  By checking the pressure of the machine during its normal operation, you can quickly identify any performance issues and take steps to fix them.  To further assist irrigators in the installation and use of the end pressure gauges, simple instructions and a range of pressure stickers will be provided with the gauge.”

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