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Soil Characteristics

Soil has physical, chemical and organic characteristics that impact on the profitability of your irrigated cropping.  To learn more about these soil characteristics click here.


Soil compaction refers to the formation of dense layers of well packed soil, often at the bottom of the cultivated layer. The most common causes of soil compaction are tractors, harvesting equipment and implement wheels travelling over moist, loose soils.  To learn more about compaction and its management click here.


Good crop nutrition is essential for profitable irrigated crop production.  To learn more about crop nutrition click here.


Irrigation salinity generally arises from inefficient irrigation pratcies, leading to escessive deep drainage and a rise in saline groundwater.  This leads to a build up of salt in the soil surface.  To learn more about irrigation salinity and its management click here.


Sodic soils have been highlighted as a major land degradation issue within the last decade, and currently affect a large proportion of Australia’s arable land. Sodicity is known to adversely affect plant growth and lead to yield declines.  To learn more about sodicity and its management in irrigated soils click here.