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The 2012-13 Queensland irrigated cotton crop was grown by 265 agricultural businesses on an area of 136,995 ha.  The volume of water applied was 1,052,208 ML which equates to an average application rate of 7.68 ML/ha.  To read more about irrigating cotton click here

Broadacre (Grains and Pulses)

Broadacre crops grown in Queensland include winter and summer cereals, oilseeds and pulses.  In Queensland during 2012-13 there were 52,120 ha of irrigated broadacre cereal crops grown for grain by 385 agricultural businesses.   They applied 140,845 ML of irrigation water at an average application rate of 2.7 ML/ha.  In addition, a further 13,481 ha of unspecified irrigated broadacre crops were grown by 177 irrigators.  They used 42,968 ML of irrigation water.   To learn more about irrigating these crops, click here


Queensland’s 2,800 horticultural farms produce one-third of the nation’s fruit and vegetables.  Over 120 types of fruit and vegetables are grown from Stanthorpe in the south to the Atherton Tablelands in the far north.  In 2012-13 this included fruit, nut and berry trees (37,097 ha by 1,325 growers), vegetables (28,031 ha by 1,090 growers), nurseries, cut flowers and turf (2,629 ha by 466 growers) and grapevines (2,462 ha by 74 growers).  The total water use was 239,673 ML with an average application rate of 3.4 ML/ha.  To learn more about irrigating horticultural crops, click here

Pasture and Fodder

Irrigated pasture was grown on 61,542 ha in Queensland in 2012-13.   Of this, 58 per cent was used directly for grazing by 1,213 businesses, and the balance for hay (853 businesses) and silage production (125 businesses).  The volume of water applied was 141,356 ML.  To learn more about irrigating pasture and fodder crops, click here

Sugar Cane

The majority of Australia’s sugarcane is grown in Queensland in high-rainfall and irrigated districts along coastal plains and river valleys.   In 2012-13 there were 3,236 agricultural businesses growing sugarcane on 353,159 ha.  Irrigation was used on 48 per cent of this area by 1,652 irrigators.  The total volume of water used was 715,650 ML which equates to an average application rate of 4.2 ML/ha.   To learn more about irrigating sugar cane, click here