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The Team

Graham Harris

Principal Development Extension Officer

Graham is currently working in projects aimed at improving water use efficiency in irrigated cotton and grains farming systems.

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Lance Pendergast

Development Extension Officer

Lance has been working closely with irrigators to increase the sustainability and water use efficiency of irrigated farming systems.

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Past Team Members

Bec Raymond

Development Extension Officer

Bec has been working in the Border Rivers region in cotton and grains since 2006, prior to this, in the Central Queensland region. She is currently working as the Development Extension Officer in the WUE Investment in Healthy HeadWaters project, funded by the Healthy HeadWaters Water Use Efficiency project..

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Dr Jose Payero

Principal Research Scientist

Jose has worked in irrigation and agricultural research, extension and teaching in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, United States of America and Australia. He returned to a position with the University of South Carolina in May 2012.

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Dr Simon White

Senior Research Scientist (Irrigation)

Contact details [email protected] Qualifications Bachelor of Science (Rural Technology), Hons (1st Class) PhD (Irrigation) Areas of expertise Simon has over 15 years’ experience in soil & water management in broad acre agriculture. He holds expertise and hands-on experience in farming systems research with a major focus being in irrigated agriculture. Simon also has expertise in […]

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